Scope Design

Every communications system is unique and requires different design approaches. Scoping a project means visiting the site to discuss options for cable runs and jack locations and types.  Identifying future cabling requirements is also considered. Measurements are taken and if plans are not available, digital sketches are made to record routing between jack points and the equipment room or patch panel. The cabling routes are surveyed to check for obstacles that may hinder installation and decisions made to overcome any circumstances highlighted.

Scoping a fibre optic cable project means understanding the physical route of the cable. It is vital to visit the site, assess any obstacles and document the physical environment to see if trenching is necessary or record the location of poles for aerial installation.

Knowledge and experience is invaluable when choosing the correct components to offer the best performance and value for your project.  A plan for testing on completion of the work may also be prepared to enable certification of the network.