Network Cable Testing

Northcom has invested in the latest network fibre and copper cable tester with the ability to test up to Category 8 standards.  On completion of installation, we are able to test the links in your data or fibre optic cable network to provide the required transmission capacity.  This is especially important when the network needs certification such as requested by the Education Department.

When trouble shooting existing data or fibre cable we are able to quickly determine the source of the fault.  New standards in cabling are continuously being developed and so it becomes even more critical to keep current with the latest in cabling and network cable testing.

Fibre Optic testing is carried out by transmitting an optical pulse through the fibre.  Signal loss is measured by charting the reflections of a pulse of light by a flaw or break in the fibre or the end of the cable itself. Distance to the flaw is measured by the elapsed time between the generation of the pulse and the arrival of the reflected light back at the tester. The result is displayed on a screen or printed out.